Rainy Day Bakers

It has been raining for most of the past two weeks and I had been hanging on to summer, but then I realized I could hang on to rainy days and make the most of them instead! So we chucked together a crock pot soup and got to work on bread!

I decided to experiment with my Bread recipe from Dosi (an extra Grandma…we seem to collect them!)!

I added Dark Rye flour.  30% ish. Probably pretty heavy on the “ish”.

Then we went to work stirring and mixing and measuring and forgetting the oil…still worked!

I love homeschool practical things like teaching math with measuring cups. We still did our regular Math today too, but this way is so much more yummy!

I love making my kids help me with things that I know are a great part of a sensory diet and they just think are fun things.

I am sooo proud of my big girl. Both hands in the icky gooey dough and no freaking out at all! She has come so far from the girl who wouldn’t put a finger in playdough. If you haven’t read them yet, the “Out of Sync Child” and the “Out of Sync Child Has Fun” are super awesome for helping you figure out what sensory issues are the biggest problem and what to do about it! Read them and set up sensory diets! (special thanks to Leah for lending me those! and to her sister Jilly for the box of sensory sand!)

And the finished product was a very nice rainy day soup with bread and buns!


Sensory Day

I am super proud of my girls today.

Em has come a LOOONG way in the last two years.

When we first started suspecting she has sensory processing issues, we tried some of these kinds of things. 

They didnt go well…

She would NEVER have dug her hands in like Avery does.

But look at her now! A steady diet of sensory activities has helped her overcome her toughest aversions.
We aren’t out of the water yet. There are still melt downs in loud places and things she wont touch with a ten foot pole…And don’t even get me started on public washrooms and automatic toilets…
But we are getting there!

Homeschool make learning to write fun!