Rainy Day Bakers

It has been raining for most of the past two weeks and I had been hanging on to summer, but then I realized I could hang on to rainy days and make the most of them instead! So we chucked together a crock pot soup and got to work on bread!

I decided to experiment with my Bread recipe from Dosi (an extra Grandma…we seem to collect them!)!

I added Dark Rye flour.  30% ish. Probably pretty heavy on the “ish”.

Then we went to work stirring and mixing and measuring and forgetting the oil…still worked!

I love homeschool practical things like teaching math with measuring cups. We still did our regular Math today too, but this way is so much more yummy!

I love making my kids help me with things that I know are a great part of a sensory diet and they just think are fun things.

I am sooo proud of my big girl. Both hands in the icky gooey dough and no freaking out at all! She has come so far from the girl who wouldn’t put a finger in playdough. If you haven’t read them yet, the “Out of Sync Child” and the “Out of Sync Child Has Fun” are super awesome for helping you figure out what sensory issues are the biggest problem and what to do about it! Read them and set up sensory diets! (special thanks to Leah for lending me those! and to her sister Jilly for the box of sensory sand!)

And the finished product was a very nice rainy day soup with bread and buns!


Five in a Row

We have long wanted to try doing a week of Five in a Row. It’s like a unit study based on a book. Basically a similar thing to what we did from Mr. Popper’s Penguins. So this week we tried it! We used the book “The Giraffe who walked to the King” by Judith St. George. That and a combination of resources from Homeschool Share.

Each day you read the story and then pull something different from it. For one of the days we studied geography and the places Zarafa traveled. Another day we talked about cultures and how they are different in different places. Emily right away picked up on the paper beaded necklaces some of the people were wearing in Africa so we had to figure out how to make some.

We had a new bible verse to study each day too and loads of neat facts to learn about giraffes. Every time I used the word ossicles, Emily corrected me and said “No mom, the cone shaped ears are called ossicones.” She also over uses the word “symbiotic” which always makes me snicker because Leah and I over used that word in high school.

Th only thing I didn’t love was the math aspect of  Five in a row. Mostly because I didn’t think it worked very well with the level she is at and I couldn’t make it work for that either.  I think the next “Row” we do will just use our Math-U-See instead. I found I could be VERY thorough on all her other subjects and I liked that.  My favorite part was that she liked it. I thought for sure she would get bored reading the same book five times, but I think she could have read it even more than that. I liked including Avery in many of the lessons too.  I think we will be doing many more “Rows”.

I am super proud of her giraffe drawing because she took a “how to draw…” picture of a horse and modified it for her giraffe.


First Week back at school and we are reevaluating EVERYTHING! Kindergarten needs to be fun, so we are taking ourselves less seriously and playing more. This is one of our favorite Games: Kids of Catan. Gotta start em young!

Apple Stamps

One of the projects we worked on this week was for Phonics Museum. We were working on our short “A” sound and the final part of the lesson was to make a piece of art. We did “Apple Stamps”. We cut an apple in half and dipped it in acrylic paint (Mommy needs to find the cheap tempura paint for her painting monsters to use ALL of. It’s still packed somewhere I think.) Then I helped Avery stamp it on paper. Emily did her own, but I helped Avery more after she thought we were painting the apples and then eating them…gross.

Emily’s look a bit more like apples, but either way we still had fun with it.

Phonics Museum

We decided to switch phonics programs and we are loving our new program.

It’s called Phonics Museum by Veritas Press. We will continure to use Explode the Code, Reading Eggs, BOB Books, Progressive Phonics and a bunch of other things as resources, Phonics Museum has taken the lead. Its an awesome program that I picked up for a steal from this amazing homeschool Mom at a homeschool co-op swap. The basics about this program that I love:

  • It’s true phonics, so it teaches letter sounds instead of just letter names.
  • Its perfect from my Speech Therapy Background because it starts teaching letter that are developmentally appropriate and made first in speech production.
  • It’s Christian, so I dont have to worry that the readers will have topic I wouldn’t be comfortable with, but it isn’t cheesy at all.
  • The readers are real literature not just the old “Dick and Jane” style readers without a point.
  • Its based around art! We do art, we read art. The visual cues are art. We read about art…etc!
  • Its actually visually pleasing. As a graphic designer, I have a hard time looking at clip art…not going to lie. Clip art and Comic Sans are evil.
  • It uses different fonts so Emily can recognize upper and lower case letters with serifs, san-serifs, “a” with a hook on top or not.
  • My favorite part is that Emily has her own Museum set up in her room with art hanging all over the walls and things that start with whatever sound we are working on in her room.
  • It’s Modern Manuscript style printing so she will be ready for cursive writing.
I pretty much cant say enough good things about this program. We are loving it!

Homeschool in the Fall

Boy are we sure enjoying fall. It’s always been my favorite season. I like all the seasons, but fall is my favorite! I wrote a paper in school based on a speech given by Carl Honore titled” In Praise of Slowness”. Basically the gist of it is that we live our lives at 100 miles an hour and we miss alot of the living to be had. So we’ve been fully pursuing slowness this fall. I love the way it makes me feel to get into a rythym and a day to day routine without so many things in the week that everyone is confused.

A day in the life of fall:

7:30-8ish get up and make breakfast. Emily is learning to do this on her own, which is one of our goals for this year.

8:30-9 – I do my devotions and spend time praying while the girls play downstairs. This is the best part of my day and without it, Im in the wrong frame of mind the rest of the day and lets just say it goes more smoothly if mommy gets some time to her self.

9-10:30- School starts. We cuddle on the couch and read Emilys bible on the iPad and go over her A-Z Memory verses. She is on “E” – “Every good and perfect gift is from above”. then we sit at the table and do some reading, writing and math. I’ve been keeping it more consistent for the last little while because emily needs the same things more than I do.  Avery takes this time to draw on a white board or play with playdough. If I have something really tough to teach Avery gets the playmobil house because it holds her attention even longer. Speaking of tough things…how dumb is English that p,b,d,q,6 and 9 are all essentially the same shape! so not fair to kiddos leaning letters and numbers!

I should clarify that all these times are “ish”, meaning that we just start when we start and when Im ready for us to start.

10:30-11 a snack and more play time. On nicer days, the girls play on the deck or outside

11- 12- Lately I’ve been throwing together crock pot meals and getting laundry done.

12 – Emily makes lunch! Just globby jam sandwiches and yogurt and carrot sticks, but its super cute that she wants to make lunch.

1- More playtime. Usually in the back yard or the playroom if its raining or windy.

2:30-3 Nap time and quiet time and mommy studies Spanish time!

4-5 reading books or playing games with the girls and then getting dinner ready.

The evenings are all over the place, but they’ve been more routine since Emily got over her issues with water on her face and started showering. Wow that makes it sound like I dont bathe my kid, but really she just prefered baths before.

All around we are enjoying the fall and the fun leaf treasure hunts that come with that. I really need to find my camera…

Sensory Day

I am super proud of my girls today.

Em has come a LOOONG way in the last two years.

When we first started suspecting she has sensory processing issues, we tried some of these kinds of things. 

They didnt go well…

She would NEVER have dug her hands in like Avery does.

But look at her now! A steady diet of sensory activities has helped her overcome her toughest aversions.
We aren’t out of the water yet. There are still melt downs in loud places and things she wont touch with a ten foot pole…And don’t even get me started on public washrooms and automatic toilets…
But we are getting there!

Homeschool make learning to write fun! 


First day of Homeschool!

“it’s back to school time. or as home-schoolers call it, stay-where-you-are time.” – Steven Colbert

That makes me snicker, but I’ll tell you, I really enjoyed watching the bus drive by this morning while my kiddos were in their jammies eating breakfast. Welcome to our first day if homeschool! It certainly isn’t our first day of home learning. We’ve been doing that since the wee ones were born! Today was our first day of government sanctioned school at home. I cant believe we are here already. Emily is 5 and 1/2. Wow time goes quickly. Im going to be blogging our journey as a way to remember and for our support teacher to know what we’ve done this year.

Here is our first day! Emily in Kindergarten and Avery in Preschool.

We started with Waffles! I think thats going to be the beginning tradition! I would have made real waffles, but we just got back from Calgary late yesterday and we were missing pretty much everything to make them, so Eggo was the waffle of the day.Then Emily got dressed in her back-to-school Justin Beiber shirt.lol. We were going to take the back to school pictures but the new printer isn’t hooked up, so I’ll print out our sign in a few minutes after I blog and then we’ll take the pictures.

We started with Bible. We started right at the beginning of Emily’s Children’s Bible and I explained about the New Testament and Old Testament and how they fit together. Then we read the story of Creation and had a time of prayer.

Then we moved on to Math. We are still waiting for part of our Math to get odered, so we are working out of 1 workbook for now. Its called Early bird Math We are in the 1st unit and are working on Matching.

While Em was working on Math and Reading, Avery played with playdoh. She created mushy masterpieces for about an hour before she switched to colouring.

Then we read from Book 1 from Progressive Phonics. We are starting with short /a/ sound words. Emily is picking them up really quickly. The writing portion proved to be the tough part of our day because Em isn’t very patient and neither is Mommy with this one. She thinks she know it all already, so she just squiggles whatever and says she’s done. This one is going to take patience I think! Get Set For The Code is another writing book we are using and that went better,but its less actual letter writing.

Then we tried out our back to school sensory bin!

It’s got Shredded Paper, Magnet numbers, 3 sizes of tweezers or Tongs, squishy fiddle bugs, erasers, a little burlap bag from a friends wedding last month, a scoop and bouncy balls. The girls thoroughly enjoyed it and they are already excited for the other sensory bins.

We decided to call it quits for the day and made lunch. I’m sure we will do a few things after nap time, but Mommy needed a break! They did too.

Id’d call that a successful first day of school!