Hey Guys! My name is Emily Grace!  I’m 7 now and I think I’m almost old enough to go to college aren’t I?

I love dresses! Especially if they twirl! I love dancing and being a princess and you had better not be late to my dance recital.

I could probably play Playmobil or Star Wars all day long! Its my favorite! But best of all, I like books! I love to read and read and read!

I love cooking and baking and helping make all kinds of things with Mommy and Daddy. My specialty is Jello, but I can make bread and cookies too. In fact, I’ll make anything so long as you let me hold the measuring spoon!

Oh and don’t tell my Mommy and Daddy I’m praying for a baby brother and I might have told everyone I know at church this without telling my parents first!

Im going into Grade 2! And my mom is my teacher because I’m homeschooled! It is so much fun and I can learn about anything I want. I can already read, so I think I should just move on to writing novels or something. maybe small steps for now though.

My best friends live next door and that makes me super happy. Especially because we get to do homeschool together lots!

Oh and I learned to Ride a two-wheeler too!!! I don’t turn so well yet, but I’ll figure that out later!

I’m a pretty fun kid you know. I might just be the smartest kid you’ve ever met.