Rainy Day Bakers

It has been raining for most of the past two weeks and I had been hanging on to summer, but then I realized I could hang on to rainy days and make the most of them instead! So we chucked together a crock pot soup and got to work on bread!

I decided to experiment with my Bread recipe from Dosi (an extra Grandma…we seem to collect them!)!

I added Dark Rye flour.  30% ish. Probably pretty heavy on the “ish”.

Then we went to work stirring and mixing and measuring and forgetting the oil…still worked!

I love homeschool practical things like teaching math with measuring cups. We still did our regular Math today too, but this way is so much more yummy!

I love making my kids help me with things that I know are a great part of a sensory diet and they just think are fun things.

I am sooo proud of my big girl. Both hands in the icky gooey dough and no freaking out at all! She has come so far from the girl who wouldn’t put a finger in playdough. If you haven’t read them yet, the “Out of Sync Child” and the “Out of Sync Child Has Fun” are super awesome for helping you figure out what sensory issues are the biggest problem and what to do about it! Read them and set up sensory diets! (special thanks to Leah for lending me those! and to her sister Jilly for the box of sensory sand!)

And the finished product was a very nice rainy day soup with bread and buns!


Breakfast Hero!!

A breakfast recipe in photos! Simple, yet special. Thats how I roll!

Ginger Snaps

For school today, we put the books on the shelf and the math manipulatives in a bin and tied on our aprons.

Earlier in the day I pre-dotted the letters for a recipe in Emily’s Journey book. She traced the letters and sounded out the words for reading and writing.

Then for math, we made the recipe. She counted all the scoops and we even talked about fractions when we cut half of something.

Normally, about halfway through backing something Emily gets board or unruly and I send her off to play while I finish up. This time, she did wonderful. I think she knew what to expect because we had read the recipe and knew what we were going to do with it. It was great fun!

Happy Sproutsgiving!

I’m going to guess you’ve heard of Thanksgiving and maybe if you are nerdy enough, you’ve heard of Slapsgiving, but I’m going to guess you’ve never heard of Sproutsgiving! Probably because we made it up. In other words, it doesnt exist…but it does!
Sproutsgiving has become a tradition for us. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, but the brussel sprouts are ready buy the beginning of September. Real brussel sprout fans could hardly stand the thought of letting them go to waste, or worse…freezing them! Mushy brussell sprouts give sproutyness a bad name. I think they are the cause of sproutful distaste amongst children everywhere and the cause of many “I-will-send-your-food-to-Africa-if-you-don’t-eat-that” threats.
Sproutsgiving is a time to enjoy the wonders of green crunchiness in all their awesomeness. So if you have a free night, I suggest you host your own sproutsgiving and be thankful for good friends to enjoy it with, or good friends who don’t like sprouts, so you can have theirs!

Muffin Tin Lunches

I read about this on Pinterest and in a couple of the blogs I’ve been reading forever, but I finally gave it a try! Muffin Tin Lunches!

The idea is that you put a bit of everything in a muffin tray and its kind of novel, so the kiddos try some new things. It also cuts down on the bordom factor of the Peanut butter sandwich. This one is Avery’s Lunch, hence the sippy cup! Almonds, blueberry yogurt, banana, cantelope, carrot, strawberries, cheese cubes, grapes, black beans, and rice puffs. For dessert, a chocolate quarter. I think the economy has been rough on everything because I thought I remembered having chocolate loonies when I was little.lol. The first thing she did was take a bit of chocolate and a bit of black beans. Those apparently dont go together as well as you’d think because they came back out again and we added a new category to our muffin tin – Mushy ChocoBeans!mmmm.

Emily did much better with her lunch and she was thrilled to have so many choices and so little sandwich. I think her favorite was the black beans and garden carrots.

Will I make this again for lunch…probably, but not until I forget that Avery ended lunch by throwing her tray on the floor and making a HUGE mess everywhere…

Chef Cake

I love making cakes. It seems it’s become my main for of art over the last few years. I used to paint, take photos, draw, write songs and everything in between, but lately it’s just been cakes. I still take alot of pictures, but rarely for the sake of art. Mostly for the sake of memories.

For Emily’s Birthday I(with some help from Sheymus and Beccas) made her a chef cake!

I started with a devil’s food cake with Butterscotch chip Buttercream

Butterscotch Chip Buttercream (spin-off of a Wilton recipe)
1 Cup Butter
1 Cup  Shortening
1 TB Vanilla
Cream together.Oh how I love my KitchenAid Mixer! Thanks Other Mom!
Add Icing sugar until its like a dough. 3/4 of a bag.
Then at 1TB of milk at a time until it is the consistency you like.
In a food processer chop up 1 Cup Butterscotch chips until they are tiny bits.
Mix them together! Yum!. This works well with any kind of chips.Chocolate, white chocolate, mint chocolate, Reece’s Pieces, but probably not Ketchup Chips…

Then I made some Marshmallow Fondant! Yum. You have to try this fondant because it is so yummy and most fondant tastes aweful! If you can make rice Krispy Squares, you can make fondant!

Marshmallow Fondant
1 Bag Mini Marshmallows in a bowl.
1 TB of water
Microwave 30 seconds then stir. Repete until you have smooth goo. Thats the technical term…
Then add icing sugar until it becomes thick and less sticky. Then I pour it onto a counter with icing sugar on it and work it until it becomes a soft non-sticky dough.

Then it is like play-doh! Roll it out to cover a cake or shape it into fun things to put on top. You can colour it with gel colours. Food colouring wont work very well.

For the Chef Cake I decided to put a table cloth of Fondant on it. So I used the gel colour with a tiny bit of water to make a paint and painted the squares. I really liked how the red because so shiny! Then We used my embossing tools to make a pattern in the corners and coloured that in with black gel colour.

The chef’s hat is cake too! It has fondant over it and gel colour paint to make Emily’s name look like it’s stitched on.

Fondant is so much fun!



Power Oatmeal

More Oatmeal Please!

Power Oatmeal
-invented by The Informal Matriarch
1 Cup Oatmeal nuked or on stovetop
1 tbsp ground flax
1 tbsp wheat germ
1 tbsp bran flakes
1 tsp chia seeds or hemp hearts
1 tbsp infant probiotics
1/2 cup yogurt or applesauce!
Stir and savor!