My name is Avery Faith and I’m 4 years old! I can walk and talk and CLIMB! EVERYTHING! I think maybe I like to be able to see everyone at eye height, so I climb on the back of the couches or stand on the window sill all day!  I’ve grown alot this year! I’m 31 lbs now. I started out at 5lbs13oz, and now look at me! I even have teeth.

I really like shoes! My shoes, Emily’s shoes or even Mommy and Daddy’s shoes. Especially gumboots! I like to put them on and then walk in them and the take them off and start all over again! Oh and hats! I love hats. I like to put them on and take them off. I’m not so excited about wearing them when Im supposed too, like when it’s cold outside, but otherwise I like them alot!

I like Brekstist! Thats my favorite meal. Mom makes oatmeal or cheerios and they are the best! I’m a cheese girl too. Emmy doesn’t really like cheese, but I love it. I love it on pizza, quesadillas, veggies and just plain.

I tell jokes too. Wanna hear a joke? “Whats dangerous mom, and cuwerfuw and yives in chree. A Tooocan wif an ewectric chainsaw!”

I’m getting pretty bossy. I like things my way. I’m always telling Emily “be quiet Em” or “Dat’s Mine!!”

I’m a “Happy Camper”!