Hey there 2012! My name is Courtenay “weirdo” Kasper. I’m a stay at home Mom/homeschool teacher. I finished my Speech Language Pathologist Assistant Program from Grant MacEwan University. I’m a drummer, homeschool curriculum junkie, a blogger and Nanowrimo-er, a kayaker, a chef, a housewife, gardener and ex-comedian, a tech nerd, and I LOVE reading. I love languages and plan on being able to speak as many as I can. Currently, I speak English and am learning Spanish, French, German and American Sign Language. I think I could get by in any of those languages, but I’m the best at Sign and Spanish.

My husband is the Associate Pastor at the the Church in the 108. I love Jesus and I’m learning to act more like Him every day. That certainly doesn’t make me perfect, but it does keep me going. I’m becoming more and more passionate about seeing orphans in families and have become a big supporter and prayer warrior for Reece’s Rainbow which is an organization the help find forever families for children with down syndrom and other special needs. We plan on adopting a child with special needs in the next year!

I’ve had post partum depression twice and had a miscarriage, and I long to see women share those kinds of things with each other and actually support one another rather than be hurt and alone and answer “fine” whenever someone asks.

I mostly write about my girls and my goals. Emily and her crazy antics and  Avery the cute fearless 4 year old. I usually end up writing about the crazy things that happen to me along the way too. Here are some of my favorite stories from the last four years of blogging

  1. I got asked if I was a Female Trucker
  2. I said “I can’t suck forever”
  3. I thought a guy was checking me out
  4. The Emily Kasper Show
  5. Emily ate Catfood, poop, and dirt.
  6. I ranted and was wrong about Facebook.
  7. I got 5,869 hits for blogging about my haircut looking like a shih tzu
  8. Emily learned a new word and took up painting
  9. Emily demanded bacon bits on her oatmeal
  10. Emily decided who she was going to marry

And this is more likely the way you’ll find me although I prefer the pretty picture of me at the top of the page.