Owls for Orphans

I’ve started a new ministry for Orphans! I’m sure you all know how dear orphans are to my heart, and I had been looking for a way to raise awareness and funds for orphans around the world. Well I found one! I met this great lady named Amy from Definingcrazy and she started this project called Owls for Orphans. She had been using crocheted owl stuffies to send to orphans and raise money for their adoption.Talk about a great fit for me and my love of crochet! So I randomly emailed her and now we’re  working together to tell the world about Orphans and what people can do and help bring home as many kiddos as we can!

I will be sending little owls to our orphanages in Mexico and making big ones to raise money for Mark from Reece’s Rainbow!

So here’s how you can help. You can talk to me directly about buying an owl or donating one to an orphan. You can make a donation direct to Mark here. Or if nothing else you can like our Facebook page and show your support!

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